We've raided the archives for these classic surf tunes from the early ‘60s! You’ll hear my earliest band, the Belairs (including primitive home recordings) and my other bands of the era, including PJ & The Galaxies (tracks we cut in my garage-studio). Also: selections from album projects and session work I did during this period


Lanky Bones
The Good Guys
a PJ original  Iīm playing lead on one of my tunes... from a ī63 studio album project.
Sidewalk Surfing
The Crawler
The Belairs
a PJ original Ed and I had barely begun to play guitars when we recorded this in my bedroom; I was fiddling with the chords to "Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop" and came up with this melody...
Origins of Surf Music
PJ & the Galaxies
a PJ original  The earliest recording of this original tune that I later recorded with the Packards, then again for my Liquid Blues album
Rare Surf, Vol 1
PJ & Artie
a PJ original  Session sax legend Plas Johnson does a nice solo on this version of my original tune.
Rare Surf, Vol 1
Memphis Beat
Wheely McSidewalk & The Ball Bearings
Featuring a young Larry Carlton on lead (and me on rhythm) in a spontaneous jam session caught on tape in my garage studio.
Rare Surf Vol. 2
The Belairs
The Fireballs were a huge influence on me - they were the model for the two-guitar style that Eddie and I developed. This was one of their early hits.
Volcanic Action
The Surf Riders
Phil Pruden blows sax over a dual-guitar rhythm laid down by Art Fisher and I. Thatīs Art getting funky with the guitar solo.
Surfbeat Vol. 2
Mr. Moto ī65
The Spartans
a PJ original  A 45 single produced by Richard Delvy (of Challengers fame); thatīs Hal Blaine on drums and Jackie Kelso on sax. Art Fisher plays lead guitar.