Pounding Surf - DVD
TWO complete programs on one DVD: The feature-length documentary, A Drummer’s Guide to Surf Music, presents a colorful history of the genre (´60s-to-present day) along with great live performances, interviews with key figures and other special features. A separate program, The Art of Surf Drumming, offers instruction from four top surf drummers. (See the video preview below for an entertaining synopsis of the content.)

Please be assured:
this package is NOT just for drummers — it’s for everyone who loves good music! What started out as just a simple idea for a “surf drum instruction video” has ended up as a much larger concept...  I was invited into the project early on to contribute guitar parts for the drum lessons; then I was asked to narrate “a bit of history” ... This grew to more ambitious proportions as we began to see the potential for producing a general-interest documentary feature along with the lessons. I was soon co-producing and doing the video editing, and we continued developing and refining the content until we were satisfied that we had compiled the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment of this subject that has ever been done.

You´ll see many of the top musicians from the original and present-day scenes, performing and telling stories illustrated with lots of great photos, video clips and graphics from every period. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who views this documentary will gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the surf music movement and how it evolved to what it is today!

— PJ

comments by early viewers (media reviews will be in soon...)
“This DVD is awesome... if you’re any kind of fan of surf music I HIGHLY recommend grabbing it!” “I absolutely loved it... The history of surf music alone is worth the price of admission.” “Wow!!!! ... absolutely incredible! I can't imagine anyone at all into surf music not enjoying this awesome DVD. I'd rate it at least 11 on a scale of 10. Thanks to everyone involved for this fantastic labor-of-love.” “Very well done. I'd recommend it to anyone that's into surf music or surfing culture, not just drummers.” “A real history lesson indeed....”