Live at the Fret House - The Duo-tones

Now you can SEE the Duo-tones play... the comfort of your living room! Viewing this DVD of performance highlights from their ’05 show at the Fret House guitar store is a bit like having your own personal Duo-tones house-concert.  This new DVD beautifully conveys the warmth and intimacy of the occasion, as well as the fun Paul & Gil had discussing the tunes, etc., with a very congenial audience. You’ll see them playing, on both acoustic and electric guitars, some tunes that are not on either of their CDs (see the list at left)... and yes, there are plenty of close-ups of “hands on guitars” (for those of you who have wanted to study “how they do it”...)

Note: this is a modest package: the disc is produced as a DVDR and it comes in a very simple trim-line case; there are no highfalutin “special  features” and there’s just about ½ hour of music. However: this brief and simple package has the brief and simple price of only $15, so we’re confident that you will feel you got your money’s worth with this purchase!

NOTE ALSO: this DVD is not format-encoded; we have had no reports of problems from overseas purchasers...