Street Party - The Surfaris
Surfaris LIVE in ’05!
This powerhouse CD caught the band rockin’ at an Orange County, CA street party, and it´s the perfect way to get acquainted with the new sound of the “new” Surfaris. The recording was made shortly after Ron Eglit (former bassist for Dick Dale) joined the group to fill the void left by the passing of guitarist Jim Pash earlier in the year. (Ron also happens to be a first-rate surf guitarist, as you’ll hear in these tracks.)
PJ and Ron trade off on lead and rhythm duties here on a set that starts out in high gear and never lets up (except for a soulful rendering of the slow-dance classic, “Sleepwalk”…) Original Surfari Jim Fuller is in great vocal form as he belts out a couple of Eddie Cochran numbers and the party anthem, “Louie Louie.”
But the dominant theme here is hard-driving instro-SURF; Ron rips on a medley of tunes written by his old boss, Dick Dale (these are truly outstanding performances of “Let’s Go Trippin’” and “Surfbeat”…); Paul turns out yet another great take on “Mr. Moto,” and he pays homage twice to his early hero, Duane Eddy, playing the lead on “40 Miles of Bad Road” and “Ramrod.” And when you hear PJ and Ron trading off leads on “Baja,” “Peter Gunn,” “Scratchy,” “Surf Drums,” and “Surf Rider” (with some tasty keyboard solos by Rob Watson thrown in for good measure), you’ll understand why the “new Surfaris” are so stoked, and why their “stoke” is so contagious…

Peter Gunn
Summertime Blues/Somethin´ Else
Let´s Go Trippin/Surf Beat
Forty Miles of Bad Road
Mr. Moto
Louie Louie
Surf Drums
Surf Rider