The Packards - The Packards
Re-inventing classic surf music for the modern era
Paul Johnson holds a unique distinction: not only was he a pioneer in the original surf music movement of the ‘60s—he helped to usher in the latter-day renaissance as well.
When the modern SURF INSTRUMENTAL REVIVAL hit in 1980, Paul was again at the front of the trend: his groundbreaking band, the Packards, released the very first American album to come out of the new surf-instro scene!
That album was Pray For Surf, and this—its first release on CD—is long overdue.  Also significant is the inclusion here of Beach City Bop—the fabled "lost" Packards’ album that was recorded in 1982 and never before released!
So here, for the first time, is the whole colorful story of the early Packards: a two-in-one CD that gets to the root of what modern surf-instrumental music is all about.

PHIL DIRT, Reverb Central
The long awaited CD issue of the Packards' first LP (Pray For Surf) from ‘80 (is) a bigger event with the coupling of Beach City Bop (‘82)... an excellent release, necessary for a serious surficionado.

ALAN TAYLOR, Pipeline magazine (UK)
This is a fine musical set that will appeal beyond the surf fraternity. PRAY FOR SURF: In 1980 (Paul Johnson) formed the Packards, who released the first 12” (of the surf revival): Pray For Surf. This is its CD debut, (with) tasty re-recordings of many of Paul’s greatest compositions. BEACH CITY BOP: Recorded (but unreleased) in ‘82, here it is now and we can see what we’ve been missing... Paul’s trademark flowing melodies and clean guitar interplay are enlivened by some harder edged picking and a dynamic band (that’s) mightily proficient at delivering Paul’s complex arrangements.

Pray for Surf: Encapsulates pure energy and excitement.

L’ ULTIMA BUSCADERO magazine (Italy)—1980
The Packards have great class and extraordinary musicianship. They demonstrate ‘progressive surf.’ (Pray For Surf) is a lively album—certainly the best of the new (1980) surf releases...

C.P. SMITH, Orange County Register —1980
The Packards aren’t (just) a retread from the past; the group has a freshness to it that’s evident on their fine Pray For Surf LP... (Johnson’s) compositions embody the prime ingredients that distinguish instrumental surf music—short, tight songs with active rhythm that underpins the bold, slightly distorted guitar tone which is the music’s focal point... Pray for Surf has some extremely fine-edged examples of this sound. ...(Johnson’s) experiments are worth keeping an eye on.

Mr Moto
Windshield Wiper
Lanky Bones
Lure of the Curl
Tally Ho
Squad Car
Beach City Bop
Wild Goose
Rococo Rock
Don´t Be Too Proud to Be God´s Child
Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
Desert Madness (tango)
Side Slippin´