High Energy - The Packards
Hot live tracks from the Packards (‘86)
On the eve of the Packards’ Guitar Heaven album session in ‘86 we had a final rehearsal to run through the tunes we planned to record, and we made a crude cassette recording of the event.
In 2001 I blew the dust off that tape and listened to it again, and I was struck by the quality of the sound, and by how our performance conveyed the “stoke” we had going for us that evening. In many ways, even though the studio album was better in terms of production values, this recording captured more of the immediacy and urgency that is so essential to this kind of music. And it rocked with more energy than any other album in my catalog!
Long story short — I quickly decided that a CD release of this material was in order, for it uniquely conveys the spirit of the late-’80s Packards band, with no frills or embellishments.      — PJ

PHIL DIRT — Reverb Central
Mastered from a cassette recording made at a 1986 rehearsal… it's a grand document of a great band in fine form.

Electrifying… strong from start to finish. The boys really put the pedal to the metal… it smokes."

Gird Thy Sword On
Don´t Be Too Proud to Be God´s Child
Pressing In
The Magnificat
Joyful Blues
Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
Armor of Light
Squad Car
Link Wray Medley