Liquid Blues - Paul Johnson
The state of the art in contemporary instro-rock!
An eclectic mix of electric rock-instrumentals recorded in-studio; Paul plays all the guitars, backed by a crew of ace musicians. Includes several PJ tunes written for this project!
The widely varying program was recorded over several years (in the late ‘90s). It’s not strictly a blues album; you also get plenty of solid rock with an Americana flavor, a bit of western swing, a tango, a little novelty fun, and of course - some surf! The title tune starts out as country-flavored blues, morphs into something a little more soulful, and moves on to a Beatlesque finale.
If you appreciate a wide variety of tasty, melodic guitar music performed with a master’s touch, it’s all here in  Liquid Blues.

With Liquid Blues, (Johnson) defies musical categorization by blending every popular genre into one instro gem after another... a pu-pu platter of instrumental delights. And oh, so delightful it is. PJ has his foot on the pedal, and he gives it plenty of gas on every track on this amazing CD... every track is a standout... an all-inclusive trip around the musical map. Paul Johnson is heaven sent; his music is delivered straight from heaven via his heart and his hands... a masterwork of guitar genius.

SERGIO NASCIMENTO'S instrumental newsletter (Brazil)
It’s unbelievable what Mr. Johnson does on this CD! He has recovered the pure, crystal clear sound of the ‘60s Fender guitar. Paul is like a good wine—as he gets older he gets better. This is his best album in recent years.

(PJ) has written some of the genre’s most interesting, evocative tunes, all the while proving that he’s not about to let his own accomplishments leave him in the dust... Liquid Blues, in fact, finds him at the peak of his powers. Blasting off with ‘Andelé, a melodic/rhythmic surf classic... he ricochets effortlessly into country pickin’ (‘Java Jump’), hot-blooded tango (‘Desert Madness’), and finger-poppin’ jive (‘Uptown Strut’)... his ‘Albion Blues’ wouldn’t sound out of place alongside a Vaughn or Clapton. This is eclectic guitar music of the highest order...

With Paul’s neat technique on display courtesy of some great tunes, this is an album for both guitar players and fans alike to enjoy.

JIM PEWTER, Armed Forces Radio DJ
Paul’s) production and guitar styling elevates this CD into the realm of timeless and classic.

California Dreamin´
Green Room
Uptown Strut
Java Jump
Desert Madness (tango)
Coney Island Fever
Big Shot
Albion Blues
The Ring of Truth
Liquid Blues