Surf Music Unplugged - The Duo-tones
No amps, drums or bass — just acoustic guitars. And it rocks!
Gil Orr and I got casually acquainted at shows our bands played together in the early ‘90s. (He had been playing for many years with the Chantays and I had been with the Surfaris since 1990.) When we chanced into a jam session together in around 1995,   we discovered that we must have been cut from the same cloth! As the last two men left standing after hours of jamming, we were fully energized, firing licks back and forth and trading leads—each of us just as happy to be playing good, solid rhythm behind the other guy as we were to be playing lead.  I don’t need to tell you that in Gil I had found one of the truly great rhythm (as well as lead) players—you’ll hear that for yourself on this CD.  And it’s no wonder that ever since that jam session, we have continued to play together and develop our "duo" approach to this music.
With this album, we have chosen the all-acoustic route to highlight the intricacies of dual-guitar interplay that lie at the root of the surf-instrumental genre; in the process, we hope to bring some long-overdue attention to the lost art of rhythm guitar.  — PJ


ALDO PEDRON, JAM magazine (Italy)
Unusual; brilliant; ...played with great skill and a sound that is indeed powerful, when you consider there are only two acoustic guitars... the sound is simply awesome.

Johnson and Orr were there right from the beginning in the sixties. Leave it to the forefathers to build yet another foundation with old stones and mortar... this recording gives new luminosity to the genre ...God bless these talented men for coming up with something so fresh and challenging. I loved every second of this. Johnson expressively explains in the liner notes: ‘The guitar has taken a back seat in the harmony department and it has been all but forgotten as a rhythm instrument.’ This CD sets the record straight. Johnson and Orr use only their guitars to create a full-layered sound, giving the lead and rhythm like prominence in each song. For open minded believers of music’s birthright to deviate from the norm and to build upon itself… this is a breath of cool sea air. It really does give each song a new lease on life when you pull out the plug. Listen to ‘Mr. Moto, ‘Baja,’ and ‘The Lonely Bull’ and you’ll be converted.

Compares favorably with acoustic guitar outfits such as the L.A. Guitar Quartet. The playing is top notch and raises the bar a bit for all other guitarists (of) the surf instrumental tradition. If you like acoustic guitars, surf music and easy-on-the-ears picking, this record will be highly rewarding.

Crystal T
Mr. Moto
Walk, Don´t Run
Baja Nights
Hide Away
Last Date
California Dreamin´
Song for My Father
Beach City Bop
The Lonely Bull
The Wedge
More Love More Power
Last Night in Waikiki