Plugged In and Live - The Duo-tones
veteran masters play classic tunes, sans drums & bass
Gil Orr of the Chantays ("Pipeline") and Paul Johnson play their trademark "guitars only" renditions of classic tunes - surf evergreens and others. As the title implies, they´re playing ELECTRIC guitars on this outing, in contrast to the acoustic treatment heard on their earlier release, "Surf Music Unplugged." We trust you will enjoy this "other side" of the Duo-tones!
Featured here are nineteen selections from the duo´s November ´02 on-air performance on Phil Dirt´s "Surf´s Up" radio show (KFJC, Los Altos Hills). Here you get all the deft tremolo action and "surf reverb" that they couldn´t give you on the acoustics, and the "live" quality of the performance comes through loud and clear.
The boys were playing their basic repertoire on the show, so about half of the titles here are also on "Unplugged" (while the other half are unique to this CD). But we think you´ll enjoy the difference in their electric treatment of favorites like "Apache," "Baja," "Pipeline," etc., so much that you´ll want to have both CDs.


This set was recorded live on-air during a Duo-Tones concert on Phil Dirt’s ‘Surf’s Up’ radio show. Played on electrics this time… Two excellent guitarists, simple idea but very effective. Superb CD.
Two of surf music'S greatest guitarists… surf music legends Paul Johnson (the Belairs) and Gil Orr (the Chantays) combine their guitar expertise. The duo follow up their acoustic debut by plugging in their amplifiers and playing traditional surf instrumentals with electric guitars. These two surf guitar legends complement each other's styles with a superb 19 track album which reads like a 'Best of Surf' collection.

PHIL DIRT, Reverb Central
***** (highest rating) It doesn't get much better than this!

Mr. Moto
El Conquistador
Forty Miles of Bad Road
Squad Car
Hide Away
The Lonely Bull
Lullaby of the Leaves
Beach City Bop
Baja Nights
The Wedge
Little Wing
Crystal T